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Duval County, Florida

09:20:29 AM

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Jacksonville Sheriff
(Duval County)
Recruitment Open

Florida Highway Patrol
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Jacksonville Fire 
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911 Communications
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Our Patrol Times (EST)

Monday: 7:00 PM


Tuesday: 7:00 PM


Wednesday: 7:00 PM


Thursday: 7:00 PM


Friday: 8:00 PM


Saturday: 8:00 PM


Sunday: 7:30 PM


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Community Guidelines

Welcome to FloridaRealism, where our goal is to create and build an incredible role play experience.  We use real world knowledge and professionals in an attempt to immerse you, the player, in a world of fun and excitement.  In order to help us achieve this goal we ask that all community members follow a few simple, and easy to follow, guidelines.  Please refer to this list for those guidelines.

  • All community members should select a name, whether it be your real name or not is up to you.   We ask that all community members, roleplaying as emergency services, use the format “J. Doe” for our website, teamspeak, and in game server .  This will help us to identify our members through uniformity.  Note that emergency services may assign a player a call sign, such as “1-A1,” and these call signs can be used after your name.
  • Civilians are also required to select a name, but they are permitted to use the format “John Doe.”
  • Community members are asked to respond to staff direction, inquiries, or requests in a reasonable and timely fashion.
  • To help us create an environment that all players can enjoy, we ask that ALL community members remain as polite as possible towards other members.
  • FloridaRealism does not function properly without realistic roleplay, so we ask that emergency services remain as professional as possible while performing their roleplay duties.  Civilians are also asked to remain within the boundaries of reasonable roleplay.
  • FloridaRealism’s Admins want you to have fun, so let’s all work together to overcome obstacles.
P.I.T. Training
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Weekend Plans
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Traffic Safety Blitz
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